Yahuza Dahiru

My name is Yahuza Dahiru, Hausa-Fulani residing at Marabarido community. Marabarido community is a Christians dominated with few Muslims. I manage my family business and oversee properties. I am a victim of 2011 election violence conflict where I lost my love ones and properties burnt down. From then, I hated Christians and tagged them as my enemies. I do not associate or interact with them; I only transact business to get money. One faithful day, I was invited to attend a program organized by CPAED on peaceful coexistence as such they requested for my acknowledgement. I laughed and asked myself, with whom do I coexist? My enemies! Without hesitation, I declined the invitation. Unknowingly, my friend was also invited. He called me to inquire if I had acknowledged my attendance, I offered him “No” as answer. He encouraged me to do so; maybe there will good things (ie. Money). On said date, we attended the program, during building bridge for peace session; I noticed a break down in me. The unique approach of CPAED transformed and deprogrammed me. For the first time, I cried out my pains, let go the losses and forgive my offenders. Subsequent sessions conducted in my community offered me the opportunity for expressions, interaction and enable me make new friends who were Christians. I gradually began to gain the confidence and trust to participate in community peace building activities. At present, I belong to different community groups where I am a youth leader, Hausa-Fulani in Marabarido. I am also the Secretary, Community Peace Monitors (CPMs). I appreciate Centre for Peace Advancement and Socio-Economic Development (CPAED) for breaking down the silos and restoring the love of God in me. (Yahuza Dahiru, Marabarido community)

Bitus Shehu

There was a time in Kaduna State that religion wasn’t a barrier to friendship. Sometime, I wonder if the young generation would ever experience that kind of life, again. One day, my son who is a Christian came home so happy and accompanied with him was two Muslims. To me, he introduced them as friends made from Centre for Peace Advancement and Socio-Economic Development (CPAED) program. One was from Tudunwada and the other from Rigasa. I was highly impressed and was surprised to hear that there are still organizations working to bring diverse people together for peaceful coexistence. I am happy that family member could make friends from people of Muslim communities due to physical separation experienced. It gladdens my heart that my son is part of this social movement and pray that God continue to bring more fund to support CPAED in order to function and continue to do their good work.( Bitus Shehu, Gonigora Community).

Safiyanu Abubakar

I came from Juji community in Zaria, a Muslim dominated community where youth are highly involved in drug abuse to perpetrate violence and crime. The program provided me with knowledge and skills to sensitize drug boys on dangers of drug abuse and preach the messages of tolerance. I further work with community heads and security to stop the activities of Sarasuka (ie. Area boys) in the community. ( Safiyanu Abubakar, Zaria)