About Us

Centre for Peace Advancement and Socio-Economic Development (CPAED) is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization with its office in Kaduna state and liaisons across states in six (6) geopolitical zones of Nigeria. CPAED was established in 2014 by a group of practitioners who have actively been involved in democracy, peace building and humanitarian services. The Centre works with Government, Security/Law enforcement, Policy makers , CSOs, Media, Private business, Academic and researchers, and multiple communities to advocate for deliberative democracy, promote non-violent management of conflict and improve the socio-Economic status of women, youth and children.
We build strong institutions to address barriers militating against women, youth and children with focus on Peace and security, Health and Nutrition, Education, Good governance, Human rights and Empowerment. It also empowers individual(s) organizations and communities to cascade positive changes that impact on their lives and that of others in the communities.
As a grass root organization championed in community services;  our reputation is founded in our ability to facilitate policy advocacy, capacity building, strategic dialogue and trust building, integrated education, skill development and empowerment, research and evidence generation, Sports, Arts, and partnership for behavioural change impact. We facilitate holistic transformation that stimulates local, structural and institutional responsibility to create harmonious environment and contribute to social and human development within programs/projects. We ensure that all forms of physical and sexual abuses, harassment and exploitation against women, girls and children are drastically reduced while promoting their civic engagement and leadership while encouraging  communities to embrace diversity inclusion, healthy life style and talent growth.
CPAED believes that securing peaceful, healthy, Just and prosperous society requires collaboration and partnership of all stakeholders as such our unique approach to inclusiveness and applied lessons has helped to improve service delivery and address local issues with support of like-minded people and organizations. We have highly experienced personnel equipped to provide unmatched services within cultural, religious and political context. We exhibit high standard of proficiency and accountability as well as leverage on limited resources to implement valuable programs with far-reaching effects.
A global organization facilitating holistic transformation for peaceful, healthy, just and prosperous society.
Committed to promoting peace, healthy, and just, society by implementing programs that empower, and engage individual(s), organizations and communities through partnership at all levels for gender equality, poverty reduction and good governance.
1. Strengthen local, systemic and institutional capacities and mechanisms that are critical to conflict and disaster prevention in the communities as well as promoting transparency and accountability in governance.
2. Promote diversity inclusion, equal opportunity and early childhood education.
3. Empower, and support women and youth with entrepreneurial skills to lead productive lives, become economic self- reliance creates jobs and contributes to nation building.
4. Promote healthy life style by creating awareness on dangers of drug abuse, malaria, HIV/AIDs e.t.c as well as provide health, nutrition education and counseling services including humanitarian assistance to women and girls suffering from diseases, and victims of violent conflict and natural disasters.
5. Promote women, and youth participation in governance, so as to enable them speak up, act and make decision in their own affairs.

1. Professionalism
2. Integrity and Modesty
3. Equal Representation and Inclusion
4. Team work and commitment
5. Transparency and Accountability
• Quality
• Innovation
• Impact
• Sustainability
The Centre will work in selected communities within Kaduna State, Nigeria and beyond thereby focusing on:
1. Peace building/Conflict Resolution / Early warning, Early Response Mechanism.
2. Leadership, Democracy and Good Governance.
3. Women and Youth empowerment and development.
4. Human Rights/ Child Protection
5. Counseling, Psychosocial support and Nutrition
6. Research and Documentation
7. Environment
• Advocacy
• Meeting and discussion
• Sensitization
• Community Participation and Engagement
• Training and Capacity building
• Empowerment
• Research and Publication
• Media engagement
CPAED has Board of Trustee and Directors as governing body that makes policies and decisions with strong management team. The Centre’s management and leadership are democratic, transparent and accountable for utmost results and performances. Through it all, we have seen how our services have open doors, build stronger communities for peace.