Peace is central to sustainable development and conflict resolution system at multiple levels in the society. CPAED empower people, organizations and communities with relevant peace building skills and tools to address conflict issues while helping to build appropriate mechanisms for mediation, reconciliation and restorative Justice as well as monitoring early warning signs for early response and mitigation.

Cord. CPAED with Distric Council Malali
Dialogue session with key stakeholders on peace
Junvile peace & drug use education in Borstal
 Juvenile peace & drug use education
 Peace Education in School
 Peace Talk At Gonigora
 Peacebuilding Exercise
Rigasa Community Peacebuilding
 Trained Volunteers In Conflict Resolution
 Women Core Mediators
 Women Gender Violence Prevention
 Youth & Women Focu Group Discussion
 Zaria Community Town Hall Meeting On Peace
 District Head Tudunwada With Cord. CPAED